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This sleek modern lamp features different scenes of hellenic art, a period known for it’s exuberance and luxury.   Masculine in feel, especially when paired with bespoke silk black lampshades.  Adding a large lamp gives weight and grandeur, helping to make a room feel bigger. 

The handmade designer lamps are made to order using handblown glass, that is then lovingly painted and decorated from inside the glass.  All lamps are fitted with brass parts and silk gold wires.  
Base: 48cm tall, 28cm wide 
Base with stretched shade: 74cm tall, 48cm wide
Base with pleated shade: 75cm tall, 50cm wide
All lamps are made to order in England, specially handcrafted for you, so please allow 4-7 weeks for them to arrive.  Base and shade sold separately. 
Recommended Pleated Shade: 50 x 33 x 33cm 
Recommended Stretched Shade: 48 x 38 x 31cm 
(Base Diameter x Top Diameter x Height)