The Story

Rosanna Lonsdale designs and hand makes her lamps in London, following the same decoupage techniques used by her acclaimed grandmother, Monica Greig.

Monica perfected her craft of creating bespoke lamps for over 20 years. Her highly distinctive pieces garnered attention from the art world; she had exhibitions in both New York and London. She sold them, usually with a long wait list, to exclusive stores such as Talisman and Partridges, as well as to interior designers and private clients. 

Rosanna set up the company in 2016, modernising her grandmother's designs, giving fresh life to the lamps whilst placing colour and creativity at the core.

 Our Philosophy

Our lamps are designed as a piece of art - to stand out from the bland, factory churned-out lamps, bought only to serve a function.  

We believe that your home should be a place of real sanctuary –filled only with those things that bring you joy.








How are they handmade? 

Each lamp is handmade in London, through a meticulous process of painting and decorating glass vases from the inside, using the 18th Century technique, Decalcomania.  

The quality of the craftsmanship and flexibility in production is what sets Rosanna Lonsdale apart. Each lamp has many layers built up inside the glass, to achieve the finest paint finish. You’ll only see good quality brass frames and silk gold wires (so of course no plastic wires).

The lampshades are all hand-stitched and pleated in England, made using taffeta silk.